10 on 10: October Pumpkin Spice

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Here is my day in pictures:

(The next 3 hours was spent waiting in various school pick up lines. Thursdays are my crazy pick up days since Jayce has Honor Chorus)

(And yes, we were in fact at this little park for close to 3 hours. Jayce had a super long baseball practice at the field across the street. Thank goodness for this park!)


  1. I always love these 10 on 10 posts. :) And Jocelyn is SUCH a beauty! :)

  2. It's great that you've been so consistent on doing your 10 on 10's. I really want to do one... maybe next month!

  3. These pictures are awesome!

  4. Jocelyn's eyes always amaze me! She is a beauty!!!

  5. If I did a post like this, it would be me sitting at my computer for 8 hrs (with the occasional bathroom break and lunch break!). I do love seeing what other people's days are like (those who aren't sitting at a desk for 8 hrs!). Maybe I can do it on a weekend or something....hmmm.

    And that baby of yours is just adorable!


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