21 Months

Three more months until I will finally stop counting her age by months.

Jocelyn truly is growing up right before my eyes. She is becoming more and more independent every day.

I took her in our backyard for our monthly photo shoot hoping that she would be easier to contain in a fenced in back yard.

She loves to play outside, even in the cold. Just the other day, when we woke up to freezing temperatures, she asked to play "ou-side". I took her hand to the window and said, "Its cold. Too cold to play outside." She repeated, "Its cold" and then added, "And wet."

Jocelyn is totally fearless outside.

She could totally care less at the suggested age of play on our playset.

And after many many months of trying to get pictures of her standing on her own and taking a few independent steps....

I finally caught her in the act!

She's learning that its okay to fall down. You just get right back up again.

And when you can't walk, its okay to crawl towards the finish line.

Her language has exploded this past month. It would take me too long to write down everything she says. Its so cute to hear her ask questions now, like "Who's that? What's that?" and to assign possession to objects. "Mommy's toothbrush? Dada's pillow?"

Sometimes I look at Jocelyn and think that she's the most beautiful soul in the world. (Next to her siblings, of course!) My life is infinitely better because she is part of our family.

Let's hope I still feel that way in a few months and that the two's are more "terrific!" than "terrible" :)


  1. So sweetly written and photographed. I cannot believe she will be 2 in 3 mths. And SCORE for capturing the "elusive" shot... she is rocking those boots! !!

  2. Not gonna lie...made me tear up! :) I know what you mean about looking at your babies and seeing "the most beautiful soul in the world". It's one of the perks of being a mom...so much to love about those sweet little people. She is such a precious little lady...love the shots of her standing! :) Go Jocelyn!

  3. oh she is so cute! what a beautiful and wonderful post! you are such an amazing mom!! love these!!

  4. She is beautiful. I loved the pics of her walking. You can see the delight in her eyes.


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