What our weeks have looked like

In case you were wondering what we've been up to, just check out my over scheduled post.

I did manage to get the big camera out at some of our games, so I'll be posting those soon :)

Out to eat with our friends (and Blue Puppy)

Jayce was named "Wild Cat of the Week!" in his class. He had to bring in an "All About Me" poster.

Poor Jayce. This is what happens when my car is full with my three kids plus two babysitting kids plus a carpooling friend.

Watching Jaina's cheerleading!

We attended our last Story Time at our favorite library for awhile. Its just too hard to bring three kids under 3 to this one when I babysit.

We took Blue out to lunch again. Yes, we eat out way too much.

We finally had some beautiful Fall weather and we high-tailed it to the park.

And here we are... eating out again. I don't recommend feeding your 20 month old spaghetti at a restaurant without a bib. Just sayin'.

Jayce was very interested in this guitar when we went to Costco last week. My musical boy :) Oh, and he's really into ties right now.

Its so seldom that I get the majority of my friends in once place. It actually happened last week!

Kathy gave Jocelyn a lemon cookie. She refused to let go of it, or even eat it, the entire time we were there. Cookie went on the slide and swings with Jocelyn.

We've been heading outside every morning to color with chalk. Sometimes I color, too.

Although she still sleeps in a crib the majority of the time, she's taken a nap twice in her toddler bed.

And later that night at baseball, Jayce gets a hit!! And the game ball!

Monica picked an awesome game to attend! Or else she was his lucky item!

On Friday, Jocelyn and I took my mom to the hospital to have kidney stone removal surgery.

We gave grandma cuddles before she was taken back for surgery.

The next night, we went to a Halloween Party. Jocelyn thinks she is "Blues Clues" but really she is a Clemson Cheerleader. 

The next day was FestiFall at Walnut Grove Plantation. This is the first time I left my big camera at home and just took camera phone pics :(

Jayce was part of the childhood militia.

Jaina made a hand dipped candle.

And Jocelyn just tried to escape the entire time.

And this morning, Jocelyn had Early Intervetion with her new therapist.

And now we're ready to start a new week with all new pictures :)


  1. I can't believe how big Jocelyn has gotten! She is so stinking adorable! Jayce is such a handsome little man too. They all look so happy and content. Did you actually burn Jaina's candle? I remember making those as a kid.

    Here's to the beginning of another crazy week!

  2. Jayce in the tie with the guitar-love it. Just love it.


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