The Season of Sports

Brian and I are not huge sports fans, nor were we athletic at all in our youth, but boy do we love to watch our kids play!

And even if they aren't the best on their team, its awesome to watch them play their best :)

Some nights we go and watch Jaina cheer at 6:00 PM and then Brian picks up Jayce from the football field to have him over to his baseball game by 7:00 PM. Then the girls and I pack up from cheerleading and head over to watch Jayce finish his game.

Jocelyn is a great spectator :) She entertains herself with books, snacks, and climbing/crawling all over the fields and bleachers.

Not gonna lie... baseball is my favorite sport to watch. Even if Jayce doesn't decide to play next year, I'll probably go watch some of his friend's games :P

Jaina scored a goal at her soccer game last Saturday. Here she is with control over the ball...

And this is the picture I took when she was actually scoring the goal. 

Yep. A lovely picture of the sky. I got so excited to see her score that I wasn't watching where my camera was pointed. Epic fail, sports mom!

Its really fun to be a part of winning teams. Jaina's soccer team has shut out almost every other team in every game. (Only one game was one goal scored on them). Jayce's team has won the majority of their games, too.

So, Jocelyn's not really into sports yet, but she does like to swing and slide!

We have been enjoying beautiful Fall weather here the past two days! We've even had to grab some jackets to take with us! Hopefully we'll have some pretty leaves to play in soon!


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