a great start to 2014

Some think that whatever happens to them on January 1st will set the stage for the entire year. If something great happens, its going to be an awesome year. And if the flip side happens, then that person will be doomed for a year of misery.

I have words to describe our day. I'd be more than happy to take these words with me all year.

family time

It was truly a day of rest and relaxation. Our big kids were still at my mom's house for the morning and Jocelyn let us sleep in until 9:30.

Jocelyn found a hat, that used to be mine and was also worn by Jayce, laying around on the sofa. She decided that today would be a hat day. Since I'm a sucker for a baby in a hat, I couldn't help but take LOTS of pictures.

Oh, those curls kill me. They aren't as curly as Jaina's were as a toddler, but she definitely has some wave to her hair.

Then she got into the hat/scarf/gloves box.

 She also gave me and Brian hats to wear. Daddy needed a Dora hat, didn't he?

I had unlimited time that morning to shower, wash my hair, blow dry it straight, straighten it, and put make up on. Jocelyn sat on the counter and "helped" me. She wanted lipstick so I gave her some chapstick. She spent about an hour making herself pretty.

Other than to push Jocelyn in her Cozy Coupe, Brian pretty much did this all morning.

My mom took the big kids to the $1 theatre to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. It was great when they got home. They were happy and got along well.

Jayce helped me cook dinner. He's really into chopping vegetables with a big knife and is very very careful!

No collard greens or black eyed peas here. Gross! I might have been raised in the Southern part of the US, but I am not very "Southern" :) We had spaghetti and salad.

My big camera feels good in my hands again. I put it down for a much needed break during Christmas. I currently only have one scheduled photo shoot for clients in January. This means I can take pictures of my family again  and even catch up on blogging!


  1. These lazy days are the best! Is that a pepper blanket? LOVE.


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