Jocelyn Turns 2!

I'm happy to report that Jocelyn's abscess is doing much better! Its still tender to the touch and sitting is still uncomfortable for her, so we decided to cancel her little party.

Brian felt awful that we weren't celebrating her birthday on her actual birthday. He ordered Mickey and Minnie cupcakes to eat at our house today. She loved singing Happy Birthday to herself :)

Gimme some Cake!!!

She did try to blow her candle out. She just didn't have enough force behind her air :) Jayce did the honors for her.

Just like at her first birthday party, Jocelyn preferred using a fork over her fingers.

I can't wait to celebrate Snoopy Style later this week at her "real" birthday party! Balloons, friends, cake, presents, slides! It will be fun :)

Oh, and here's Jocelyn's 2nd birthday collage:

Sniff. My baby.


  1. Happy birthday to Jocelyn! She's adorable! Love the pics.

  2. Happy Birthday Jocelyn! Love the pictures.

  3. To answer your blog note, no Tommy doesn't play Minecraft, but if your kids every play Animal Crossing he's on there a lot!

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl! She is so adorable!! :)

  5. She is so darlling!! Happy birthday to Jocelyn!!


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