Cleaning Day

Every other Saturday, our family participates in this strange ritual that dates back when the Walker Family only consisted of one person: Brian.

Since I met Brian on a Friday and we went out on our first date on a Sunday, it was a few weeks before I was introduced to what we call "Cleaning Saturday."

I remember finding the whole concept of this 27 year old bachelor spending an entire day cleaning a bit funny. But I wasn't prepared for how he actually cleaned things.

First of all, he moved everything. I mean, everything. To clean a room properly, you first have to empty the room.

Then entire surfaces would be spritzed with his best friend: Clorox Clean-up.

Then I watched in amazement as he scrubbed the counter, sink, toilet, and shower three times just to make sure everything was clean.

I felt awkward just sitting on the couch. He told me I didn't have to help him clean his house. I could just relax and watch TV (well, until he needed to clean the living room, then I needed to find another place). I was a nice new girlfriend and decided to pitch in.

Yep. Totally regretting that now. Who knew I'd come to loathe Cleaning Saturday? Helping him gave Brian the idea that he could assign ME some chores and pawn off some of his load. That's how I ended up with the guest bathroom and vacuuming all the rooms. And it wasn't even my house!

After watching Brian clean, I started wondering if he had OCD.

While most familes are enjoying the beautiful day at the park, or running errands, or attending birthday parties, our family is trapped in the house with the smell of bleach under an imaginary time restraint. (We must get the floors done by 4! Or else the world will end!)

The kids just try to stay out of the way. Yeah, it would be great if they could help, but bleach and children don't mix. Nor does Brian's OCD and his inability to relinquish control over how things are cleaned. :)

The kids will work on their room and also help keep Jocelyn occupied.

I often daydream that we can hire a housekeeper that will come and do Cleaning Saturday for us. Then reality hits me and I realize that Brian would just clean before she would come anyway. :)


  1. Oh my word! This post cracks me up! I live with a bunch of pigs and we have a housecleaner who cleans once every 4-6 weeks. Your hubby would have a heart attack here! I have completely given up!


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