The White Stuff

We finally got some :)

 Jocelyn woke up from her nap and looked outside the window. "Its snowing!"

Jaina couldn't wait to go outside. And then back in. And then out again. She changed outfits 3 times.

Jocelyn got cold and wanted to go back inside. She watched from the window.

I'm like a big kid when it snows :) I was born in South Florida, went to HS in Atlanta, and have lived in South Carolina since 1997. I can still count how many times I've seen actual snow on both hands.

Not quite enough to make a snow ball. But that didn't stop the kids from trying!

I am being a mean mom and making the kids eat breakfast before bundling up and heading out to the backyard to play. I don't think we got more than an inch, but an inch is all we need to play!


  1. yay for snow! I kind of wished we had some... makes me appreciate the coldness at least! ;)

  2. We've gotplenty of snow in VA! I'm so ready for Spring! Your kiddos are so cute!

  3. I've loved seeing all my SC friends playing in the snow!!!


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