Week Recap: 2nd week of January

Well, I made it another week. :)

Taking a picture a day has not been the challenging part; getting them off my camera card has been.

Story of my life!

I am a procrastinator by nature. This is something I've come to terms with. Important shit will get done, eventually, even if its at the last possible minute. Non-important stuff might not. I'm okay with that.

Our week started off with freezing temperatures and the 80% possibility of snow showers on Monday morning. My big kids were quite determined to miss school because of the weather. I was skeptical since I have been burned by false weather forecasts before.

Did we have freezing temperatures? Oh yes. I'd say record breaking single digit temperatures count. Did we have precipitation? Yes. Right before and after the freezing temperatures. So we got to enjoy 36 degrees of cold rain, then single digit freezing temperatures, then it warmed up to 34 degrees to give us more rain.

Ugh. There is nothing I hate more in the Winter than 34 degrees and raining.

Jocelyn didn't understand why we couldn't play outside on Monday. I took her out for 5 minutes to see what she'd do. Pretty much what she does every time she goes outside: Plays happily and then has a fit when its time to come inside. The cold didn't phase her much at all.

I unexpectedly had H2 (the abbreviated given to my babysitting charges by my friend Amy) on Monday of this week because their grandpa was sick. The littlest H wasn't feeling well and left early to see the doctor about his ear infection. 

On Tuesday, our bi-monthly MOPS meeting was canceled due to the County-wide school delay. Supposedly, our diesel buses  refuse to start in such cold temps. I also had an extra kid with me, a little boy who is just a bit older than Jocelyn. I am often the back up babysitter for a few kids in the area. The two kids played well together and Jocelyn was sure worn out at nap time.

There's room for a kid in that crib somewhere, right?

Wednesday ended up being my day off from babysitting and also Brian's first day back to work after his 2+ weeks of vacation. I told Jayce that people were going to think I didn't like him because he was never in any of my pictures.

Grandma came over on Thursday to hang out with the grandkids.

We love spending time with Gray :)

Oh, Friday. How I love thee. Fridays are the bright spot in my week.

Brian, Jocelyn, and I had lunch at our beloved Taco Bell and ran into some friends there.

But Jocelyn decided she was still hungry and ate some yogurt after we got home.

Friday was also Ten on 10. I will post my ten pictures from the day in a separate post.

Saturday was cleaning day. I annoyed Brian by snapping lots of pictures of him cleaning. I think we need a cleaning post on the blog, don't you think?

Jaina, who is becoming more of a teen and less of a little kid day by day, spent an hour washing, brushing, drying, and straightening her hair. All by herself. The beginning of hours in the bathroom, perhaps?

And Sunday. Our day of rest. The day of PJs, TV, video games, and pancakes.

And that was the week at the Walker House :)


  1. Love that Mickey plate. =)

  2. I don't know how you keep up with who is coming when! I love that the baby had a fun time playing with her little friend on the cold day. Brrrr! I was hoping our busses wouldn't start on the 0 degree day, but they did. Darn it. I am always happy for a day home!
    Your daughter's hair is getting so long. I can't believe she is big enough to straighten it. Why do our babies keep growing?
    I love your Mickey Mouse pancakes.
    I love visiting you.
    You are a delight.

  3. Looks like a fun week.

    Mmm, Taco Bell. I love it so much. I get bean burritos and top them with tons of fire sauce.


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