New Year's Eve

Last year, we were old and boring. Brian and I stayed up, with my eyes barely open, on the couch and watched some ball drop on TV. It was a far cry from the fun parties we had been to in the past.

I had some help convincing Brian that we needed to get off the couch and host our own party this year. Our buddy Ron said that we *had* to throw a party with beer pong and everything. He promised to bring his 7 week old baby, too, for good measure.

And so begins our annual NYE party :)

Our big kids decided to go to Grandma's house for the night. Totally their choice. We would have been fine with them staying for the party. Almost all of our friends have kids now, so all of our shindigs are relatively kid-friendly. That is, if you don't mind your children watching you partake in alcohol. That's not for every family and I totally respect that. I do have to say that all of us drink responsibly :) No one gets too crazy at our house. Remember, we're all too old for that :P

Holding Skylar was definitely a good reward for having a party :)

And there was beer pong....

The kids might not be able to play, but they sure love to watch!

Jaina was bummed that she missed out on hanging with her friend Kelsey, but they made up for lost time the next day :)

Although our party was on the small side (just 4 couples plus us), we had a blast and it was a great way to ring in the new year.


  1. You had beer pong? I'm coming to your house next year!


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