A Spa Party (without the sauna, massage, or fluffy robes!)

Now that our kids are getting older (ugh, I have a TEENAGER now!!), I feel like they are getting a little old for having a big birthday party with friends. I assumed that Jaina would want something big and expensive or pick to have a very special fun day, like Jayce did, for her birthday. That's what we do here: you have a budget of $$ and you can either have a party at a place like Pump It Up, or you can pick to get a present from us, or you can pick to go somewhere special. In the past, both kids have picked getting a Trampoline or a Rainbow Play System in exchange for any kind of birthday celebration.

Jaina hemmed and hawed about it for weeks. "I just don't know! I really want a new North Face jacket! NO...maybe I want to go to Frankie's Fun Park like Jayce did! No.... maybe I want to get my nails done and have a spa pedicure!!" She was very indecisive.

6 days before her birthday, she decided she wanted to have a party after all. "I want to have a Pageant Party!" she announced. I quickly said no. I have a big distaste for pageants (no offense to any readers who have kids that compete).

"What about a SPA party??? We can paint our nails and wear cucumbers on our eyes! It will be so fun!"

Then she went and asked her dad if she could have "a few friends over" for her birthday. Like, 8, tops. (She invited 20). Now, we haven't had a party for kids in our home since Jayce turned 2. But Brian reluctantly said yes. I guess we both figured that 13 year olds are a lot less rambunctious than 5 year olds. Ha!

Our Spa party might not be Pinterest-worthy, but everyone had fun and that's all that mattered.

We gave cosmetic bags (filled with a microfiber cloth, eye mask, and emory board) as party favors. 

16 out of 20 invited actually came. I refilled this bucket with drinks twice!

Jayce manned the "Facial Mask" table. Yet, he was too impatient to wait for his mask to dry on his own. And Jocelyn ate all the cucumbers from his station.

Grandma was on duty at the Mint Body Scrub table. I found a link from Pinterest about how to make a fast easy sugar body scrub. My mom could tell you that it was messy but the girls had fun anyway.

Jaina taught her guests how to achieve an "ombre" look with your nails using make up wedges. 

We kept the girls, the noise, and the mess, outside for a full hour and 15 minutes. That was pretty good!

Then it was time for dinner and presents. I was worried about having too much food. I shouldn't have worried :P

Shaggy LOVED all the attention!

I am sincerely hoping that none of the body scrub turns anyone's bodies different colors!

Then it was time for cake. Cookie cake, to be exact.

She wasn't successful at blowing out the ONE candle the first time :P

The party ran a bit over by this time, so some of the girls had to leave as they were eating cake in my driveway. Other girls had texted their parents asking for a little more time.

I hearded the cats girls back out into the yard.

Goofy girls, all of them! But very sweet and fun :) Jaina's a lucky girl to have such good friends!

The next day, she let me take her picture outside.

My baby is certainly growing up :)


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