Every time my neurosurgeon and her NP Melissa have to do anything to my aneurysm (look at it, fix it, etc), they always travel through my femoral artery in my groin to do it. There are many many benefits to this: no shaving my head, no cutting through my skull, no guessing on size or how my blood is flowing by using a CT xray. However, there are a few minor downsides to this method. But, I can honestly say I'm getting used to them by now.

Since it is an actual puncture wound into a major artery, and I'm on some heavy duty blood thinners, I get placed on these little restrictions after every angiogram or surgery. No lifting. No baths. No stairs. No big deal, right?

Unless you are a mom.

Jocelyn may be 3, but she still can't lift herself into a swing, or lift herself on the Big Girl Potty (aka, the regular toilet in the bathroom), and sometimes she needs help climbing into her car seat or getting down from the floor of the van. I think its fair to say that Jocelyn is the most affected one in these situations. Also, she can't climb all over me in bed or on the couch and she has to be mindful of where she puts her feet.

Oh, and then there's the tantrum angle... the other day when we were at Lowe's and Jocelyn insisted that we buy 2x4 lumber in order for her to build a tree house, a huge fit ensued. Like I'm talking kicking, screaming, going "boneless", hitting, etc. I felt very sorry for Jaina who ended up being stuck with carrying her 30 lb sister, through the parking lot with staring eyes, to the car. I think at this point, Jaina doesn't want kids of her own some day. And days like those, I can't blame her :P

The lifting thing also makes carrying grocery bags, laundry baskets, and toy bins off limits. I don't mind any of that so much :P

The No Stairs thing is almost impossible to obey. We have 4 steps into our house from the front door and the same goes for the entrance from the garage. Well, I have to leave the house several times a day. There is just no way around that. I have to take kids to school and then the darn school requires you to actually come back and pick them up. I know, right? So, that's 4 times I go up and down the stairs in the garage.

We also have about 6 steps leading from the deck to the backyard. I'm with Jocelyn all day long and can't really expect her to play inside/watch TV the entire time. So, I trudge down those back deck stairs at least once in the morning so she can get some fresh air and sunshine. I try hard to limit going back up them when she requests something from inside the house every five seconds :P

I've been avoiding the stairs to the Bonus Room with no issue. This restriction makes Jayce sad. I can't see his latest scratch creation or play Mario Kart Wii with him.

I also can't unload my pictures on my camera card or edit anything. However, my photography business has just about tanked this Spring due to my hospital stints in March and April. Honestly, I don't blame my clients. They need pictures and they need a healthy photographer that can actually TAKE them, who isn't in the hospital randomly with no idea of release, and then edit them in a timely manner.

I'm hoping things will pick up back in the Fall. Yet, I have an angiogram in September...

The "No Bath" restriction is only hard on me. Although I prefer to shower daily, especially when washing my hair, I do love a relaxing hot bath while I sip white wine and listen to Jason Mraz on my phone. Sigh. Now, that's what I call "me time".

Its been 10 days since my last angiogram and my leg is feeling much better. I carefully climbed the stairs to the bonus room in order to upload the following pictures from the last two weeks. Enjoy!

Jayce opens more birthday presents from his Grandma Paula

I was able to convince him to go outside for a few head shots

You know how I made him smile this time?  By talking about all the gross flavors of Jelly Beans he ate during the Bamboozle challenge.

Jocelyn never wants her picture taken... unless I am taking someone else's picture of course. "My turn! Its MY turn! Take a picture of me and Minnie!"

This picture summarizes how their relationship usually is. Jayce is all in her personal space without asking and Jocelyn is not happy about the unwanted physical affection.

Until he makes her laugh :)

My new favorite picture of my youngest :)

Last weekend was Spring Fling, but I knew walking around a festival would not be good for my leg. Brian took the girls by himself. Jayce stayed home with me.

Jocelyn came home with face painting and a bubble gun. She was one happy girl.

This picture is for Just Leesha :)

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week
Printables can be found at The Larson Lingo under the Printables Tab
I originally planned to just bake cookies for Jayce's one teacher, but Jaina insisted that I bake 3 more batches and divide them up between her 6 middle school teachers.

Jocelyn said she wanted to go outside and take pictures of her doggies.

I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

I suggested that the field of clover we have growing all over our front yard might be a good back drop.

And this is my new favorite picture of Jocelyn.

Such a difference, this picture is, from the one above. You know what's different? My angle. That's it. Camera settings were exactly the same. I just couldn't lay on my leg that way any more so I sat up a bit.

And then later, we washed mommy's car and played in the house since it was 84 degrees outside.

I'm looking forward to an uneventful, yet busy, rest of May. Jaina turns 13 in just two weeks!! And she has a Spring Choral concert and a dance recital. This is her month alright!


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