Ten on 10: Mother's Day 2015

It's a crazy coincidence that this month's Ten on 10 just happens to fall on a holiday. I loved it, though. I had a wonderful day and I was happy to capture it on camera all day long.

So, there was this chart floating around FB last week:

My husband was none too pleased when I demanded announced that I wanted ALL of those things. He said, "Fine. You want all that? That's what you are getting. Except for the foot massage and lumberjack. But no presents."

I wasn't crazy about his attitude towards Mother's Day or how he felt about my wishes on celebrating, but I have to say, today was pretty darn good. Brian pretty much gave me the day off of parenting. I didn't touch a dish or cook a thing. He took Jocelyn, who was sopping wet in a swimsuit, inside to use the potty. He took kids to the grocery store and Costco without me. Good job, Brian!

Leftover pancakes heated up in the microwave. Hey... I still didn't have to cook them!
Binge watching How I Met Your Mother. I finished season 8 today.
Jaina bought me a necklace for Mother's Day.
While Brian had the kids at the store, I had time to put make up on and curl my hair.

My mom and I ate lunch at Fatz Cafe together. Just the two of us!
Photo credit: Jayce Walker
The chart reminded me that I needed a bottle of my favorite wine

The kids picked out these gorgeous roses for Brian to buy at the store. I liked both pictures, hence the reason I'm posting two for this time :)
Brian also bought Jocelyn a new baby pool at the store. As you can see, the big kids (plus the neighbor) felt like it was big enough for them, too.
And here's me and my crew at dinner tonight :)
As you can see, it was a lovely day. I really enjoyed it :)

I hope all you moms out there had a wonderful day with your families, too!


  1. Pretty flowers. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your day!

  2. Sounds like such a wonderful mother's day! glad you got to be spoiled! you definitely deserve it!! :)

  3. I'm glad you were able to have a wonderful day! You deserve to be pampered for sure. :) (But a foot rub should have happened, too!) And that is SUCH a gorgeous picture of you!

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you! Next year I'm taking your idea of lunch out with my mom alone. For several years, Matthew and I have invited both our moms out to eat with all the kids and my Dad comes along and pays for himself. It ends up with me still cutting someone's food or taking someone to the bathroom. The worst year was when we went to Golden Corral. Being 8 mths pregnant with Rylan and having to escort my kids around to get their food threw me over the edge. It was not a pretty sight when I had a meltdown in the middle of a restaurant!!


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