Memorial Day Tie-Dye 2015

My husband was sincerely hoping that our last year's Memorial Day party would turn into an annual thing with our friends. However, our daughter's birthday falls around Memorial Day and we had a party for her on Saturday. That's enough partying in our house for one weekend :P

The only other tradition we have for Memorial Day is to make tie-dyed t-shirts. I'm not sure when this activity started, but its one we've been doing for a few years now. (just checked. 2011 was the first year, I didn't blog in 2012, but here's 2013). It looks like I didn't blog last year either so I might win an award for Most Slacker Blogger ever. Or something like that.

My mom found a link where it gave instructions on how to make a Mickey Mouse Tie Dye shirt. So, of course, that's what Jocelyn wanted.

First we traced out his head using a small tupperware bowl and two snack cups for ears.

Shaggy was distraught because we were at the kitchen table with no food in sight.

Then I spent about 15 minutes mad at my mom for suggesting a pattern that required sewing. I hate to sew. 

After you baste the outline of his head, you pull the strings to gather the fabric together. Then put a rubber band on it.

It was extremely hard to handle the dye, help 3 kids plus dye two shirts of my own, and hold my camera at the same time. So, pictures are scarce. 

Jaina and Jayce did a spiral for their shirts.

The next morning, I rinsed out. (We are totally getting soda ash next year).

 My mom wanted me to try this new vertical stripe pattern. So I used primary colors for mine.

 Then I used turquoise and fuchia for my mom's.

 Our neighbor came over and made a shirt as well.

As you can see, they were super bright before I ran them through the machine. I really really really am going to get soda ash next year. If I can find it.

And here's how they all turned out:

And that's the story of Memorial Day Tie-Dye Shirts 2015.


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  2. So awesome! My kids would love the shirts.

  3. So cool! I am really impressed...they turned out great. :) And I don't like sewing either. :P

  4. I made tie dye shirts in school when I was a kid. It was so fun. Great idea!


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