Picnic Impossible

Jocelyn loves a new show called Wallykazam.

It's super cute and not annoying. Well, not unless you get some of the songs stuck in your head, as I'm prone to do.

If you are familiar with Super Why, this show is kinda like that. It helps kids learn pre-reading skills like rhyming and letter recognition.

We borrowed a Nick Jr. compilation DVD from the local library. The first episode was a Wallykazam one called "Picnic Impossible". This is now Jocelyn's favorite one, of course. And of course, we can't find it on the regular Nickelodeon channel. And of course, the library hasn't had the DVD back since we've returned it.

We were enjoying nice weather outside the other week when Jocelyn said she was hungry. "Do you want a snack to eat out here?" I asked. "YES! We can have a PICNIC! Just like on Wallykazam!"

So we did.

Wally serves Gina, in the episode, tomatoes, pickles, a sandwich, and pink lemonade. Actually, I think the pickles and tomato were ON the sandwich, but that's not how Jocelyn likes hers. :)

I love this one's imagination and zest for playing pretend :) She reminds me every day why I love this age so much.


  1. We have 7 episodes at a time saved from Nick Jr! You need to bring her over and watch it. We'd really love to see you!

  2. So cute!

    I think we are finally beyond the age of Nick Jr. Natalie used to watch all sorts of bizarre shows from there.

  3. We've had a few picnics this year already. The weather was gorgeous to do so!


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