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While reading a recent post on Elizabeth Anne Designs, I discovered a fun opportunity to connect with some other bloggers through a Valentine Card exchange. I am not a creative crafter, but I do know how to follow instructions, so I went searching online for a template. I found these hand-stitched valentines at Martha

I started out by sorting scrapbooking paper into different color schemes. Then I cut out 6 color coordinating hearts for each card. I made 10 cards in all.

My hand hurt after cutting out all those hearts!

About to start "sewing":

The needle was used to mark the holes where the thread needed to go:

I had to use scissors to widen the hole for the waxed linen to go through:

Hand threading the waxed linen.

The finished project:

Since it was a blogger thing, I wanted to include the name and web address of my blog. I used a stamping set of letters my mom just gave me.

I found a relative quote while searching online to add to the inside of the card. I wanted to find something to do with love, but not necessarily romantic love:


  1. Anonymous8:03 AM

    jess!! those are beautiful. thanks for the how-to! maybe next year lol

  2. Those are GREAT! Way to go!

  3. Did you say you weren't a creative crafter??!!! I've seen your scrapbooks, and you are an artist in your own right. And these Valentines...absolutely beautiful. Plus, I'm so jealous of your photography skills. I try to take pics of things we make, and the photos never do them justice. (I just don't have the eye for photography.)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. I was so surprise to get a Valentine from you. I love ours. You are so crafty and talented. I only managed to do the IPODS for Joshua's class, I will post a picture soon.

    You paid great attention to detail, they are beautiful.


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