Dissapearing Act

Now you see them:

Now you don't!

Jaina's two top front teeth have been loose since our dentist visit last October! We really thought they would come out before Christmas time just so we could sing Jaina the song, "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth", but it was not meant to be. They finally came out last week! The first one popped out during school hours and Jaina loved the attention she got from her teacher, her classmates, and the school nurse. Then a few days later, the other one came out while she was accidentally kicked in the mouth at a local play place.

Jayce keeps tugging on his teeth and says, "Its gonna come out!!" We've tried telling him that he'll get loose teeth when he is 6 and that he has to be older. His answer is always, "Jayce is older, Mommy!! I'm 6 now!"


  1. AWw...I know Jaina is excited! My niece, Emma, who is 6, keeps waiting on hers to come out. She's got a loose one right now too...but it hasn't come out yet. They are growing up.

  2. Joshua lost his two front ones the same week too. It was last year, the beginning of 1st grade.

    I am bad keeping track. He just recently lost one last week, one of his incisors. The last he lost one, I totally lost it and never found it.

    I put it in film canister under his pillow, we don't have any fancy tooth containers, its usually a ziploc bag.

    Anyway, he got a dollar, a few days late. I told him the tooth fairy couldn't find his tooth right away. Luckily, he was happy with the dollar. With the recession, I guess he's lucky he got that :)

    We went to the dollar store with it.

    This is such a fun age.

  3. Jess how old is she? She's so freaking pretty!!!

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    she's just gorgeous, jess.


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