Happy Birthday Gray!

We had a fun-filled birthday weekend with my mom (otherwise known as Gray, by my kids). Today, Monday, February 9th, is her actual birthday, but its just too hard to do things during the week at night with the kids' early bedtime. So, we celebrated this past weekend :)

The kids and I accompanied my mom to a local Art show where she hung a piece she did back in the 80's. It was so nice to see some old friends from college and two of my former professors, too!

The kids were so well-behaved at the elegant event!

There was a live band that Jayce was just entranced with.

The pen and ink drawing was created as a homework assignment back when my mom went to Art school in Florida. She had to take 4 different photographs from a magazine to create a collage.

Sorry, mom. I couldn't swing the $200 it cost to actually purchase the drawing.

Then, Jayce spent the night for the VERY FIRST TIME at Gray's house, all by himself :) He had so much fun and didn't miss me one bit (Why am I not surprised?) That left Brian, me, and Jaina free to go bowling with some friends. Those pics will be up later this week.

On Sunday, Gray came back over to our house for dinner. We surprised her by taking her out to eat instead of having me cook. Then we came back for cake and ice cream. I made the cake myself, and made homemade vanilla butter cream icing. Jaina helped me color some of it using food dye to make the dots. I think I need to take a cake decorating class! It tasted great, but wasn't all that great to look at :)


  1. Jessie, I think the cake you made your mom is just beautiful. I've seen plenty of fancy looking cakes which taste awful, but you can't go wrong with a homemade, "might not win a ribbon at the state fair" cakes because they always taste GREAT!! Oh BTW, Philip decided to quit basketball tonight. He's just too young and the desire and attention span just isn't there yet. He told us tonight he would play again next year, "when I'm 16 or 18"!!!


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