Upward Cheerleading Game Three

Because we feel that sitting in one spot in a crowded gymnasium for over an hour would be too much for Jayce to handle, Brian and I have to alternate taking Jaina to her games. Hence, you will not see any pictures of Game Two. For Game Three, Jaina's best friend Ashlan spent the night the Friday before so I had two little girls to get ready for the big game.

I think Jaina enjoys cheering more and more as she learns more cheers and gains confidence in the ones she already knows, however, I still think she liked soccer better. When asked what Spring sport she'd like to try for Upward, she said, "FLAG FOOTBALL!" so I'll have to find out if they let girls play :)


  1. Sneakers instead of ballet slippers. ♥

  2. so cute. love the pic of their shoes.

  3. Love the B/W feel and the shoe picture. She will really love these when she's older. Your such a dedicated Mom. Flag football...Wow! I will have to tell Joshua that one. I bet thats a sport Joshua would like too.

  4. I so enjoy your blog Jessie. We must get together. What time do you gals walk at the mall? Only thing is, I have mr. Aaron with me. Would that be a problemo?


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