I Heart Faces: Black and White Drama

I followed my kids around all afternoon with my camera, just hoping to get something to use for this week's theme at i heart faces. The black and white part was easy... it was the other part of the theme that got me. Dramatic? Well, my children certainly can be dramatic. But I wasn't sure that Jaina dressing up like a fairy and performing a play was what they had in mind.

So, I picked this photo as my entry this week.

 It was one of those moments that I just happened to catch on camera. He was not posed nor really aware that I was taking his picture. My son was concentrating very hard on a particular subject. Being the avid Zelda lover that he is, Jayce was actually replaying the video game in his mind. Gotta love the tech geeks in my house :)

I liked this photo for the unusual expression, the lighting, the lines of the kitchen chair, and for the grain. I'm not sure why, but I love grain in black and white photos. Maybe because it reminds me of shooting with film.

There you have it! Go check out all the other entries at i heart faces :)


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    You can see the concentration. And I love the composition. The slats on the chair are great!

  2. Ah, replaying video game disasters will make you cringe. Great shot!

  3. Now that is drama!! Love the expression!!

  4. Lol, love the concentration on his little face!

  5. The bars of the chair definitely "added" to the shot! You're right about grain in B&W photos... I love it, too. :)

  6. that is cute!!

    thanks for your message on my tat! it wasn't bad, at all. my wrist one hurt a bit, but, i get chills from them, so i kinda like the way they feel!

  7. Love the expression you captured! Funny how they can concentrate so intensely on video games but not homework.....or at least that's the case for my lil' guy lol!

  8. What a great face you captured! He is concentrating hard!


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