You don't know me, but I'm famous: Part II

Thanks, Angie, for letting me know that my blog was featured over at Spartanburg Spark the other day! It always kinda amazes me when my local friends read my blog. I mean, they see me (and my kids) all the time! They've probably heard about all the stuff I blog about over the phone with me days before I get it up on here. When I compose a new post for Keep It Together, I usually have my "internet-only" friends in mind. I don't assume that all my Blog Frog readers remember that I live in South Carolina, or practice Attachment Parenting, or that Jayce was diagnosed with Autism a few years ago. So I tend to give a little background before jumping into a new post. Which is only "new" if you don't know me in real life  (IRL).

And if you didn't stop everything and follow the band Jump, Little Children around in the late 90's, I guess you won't get my post title. But that's okay :)


  1. jess, that's awesome! and you're right up top too. :)

  2. That's awesome Jess! And with such a great pic of the kids I'm not surprised.

  3. I'm pretty sure I used that as a blog post title as well.

  4. Did you notice Julie's blog listed right under yours?

  5. That's exciting for you. I am always surprised when friends tell me they read my blog, too. I guess I forget people I KNOW actually read it. haha. :)


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