Mom and me Monday (just a little late!)

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Okay, so I know its not Monday. Its really even late in the game on Tuesday. That's what happens when I leave camera memory cards downstairs and then forget 16 times on trips up and down the stairs to actually bring it up stairs.

But darnit, I have a picture for "Mom and Me Monday" and I'm not wasting it!

So, this cool blogger and photographer over at The Peanut Gallery came up with this meme in order to get us "moms turned photographers" out from behind the camera and actually in front of the camera. With our kids! 'Cause no one really just wants to see a bunch of middle-aged moms with no make-up trying to take self-portraits.  Gotta have the kids in there to keep it cute :)

Since Jayce absolutely LOVES playing with my self-timer, he was the obvious choice for a photo subject. Besides, Jaina was *way* too busy watching TV on the couch to come join us, although we did ask her!

Then I let Jayce play with my camera a bit. He actually took a picture of me changing my bra in the bathroom! I will NOT be posting that on here :)

I love my little photographer :)


  1. It looks like Jayce does a pretty good job behind the camera! I always struggle with the in the mirror pictures! Good Job Jayce - Future photographer

  2. How cute. I love the one with the mirror. So fun. What a memory! Looks like you have a budding photographer on your hands.

    I had to laugh when you referred to me as a photographer. I try but definitely have a long way to go!

    Thanks for joining in!

  3. The first picture is so precious and I love the second one!!

  4. love it! i totally enjoy seeing you some too :)

  5. he he I like the second, your kind of looking like "Its ok i dont think hes got me in this shot!" lol
    cute pics.

  6. Love it! They are both great, but I love the one of him taking the picture and you patiently waiting.


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