I Heart Faces: Hilarious Outtakes 2

Its another Hilarious Outtakes week at "I Heart Faces". It was fun searching through photos for not-so-perfect pictures! There were a lot to choose from! I'm actually going to do another separate post this afternoon using JUST pictures of Jayce :) I'm not sure if any of my photos are "laugh out loud" funny, but that's okay. I actually laugh every time I see the picture of my friend's dog without his head. :)

Go over to I Heart Faces for some more funny outtakes! Its kinda like America's Funniest Home Videos without the video an annoying hosts!

I think the older sibling is oblivious to the fact that her baby sister did not like this!

Same little sister, this time posing with big sister, too. I think I caught their natural expressions!

We were trying to get the kitten to look up at the toy (and consequently, the camera as well). Instead, the cat was more agile than we had anticipated and was able to drag the toy down to where she wanted it.

And no, this picture isn't cropped! I had focused on the dog's face while it was sitting, waiting for a treat. Then the dog decided not to wait any longer!

The best part was that my husband was totally unaware that he was about to be hit with an ice ball!


  1. you got some great shots! They are all perfect in different ways for the theme.

  2. I LOVE outtakes! Thank you for giving me a giggle this morning :)

  3. Oh, you got some great ones here! :) I've been too swamped to look through old files...

  4. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Cute photos! Very funny.

  5. all fantastic shots...

  6. Anonymous12:17 PM

    You know what they say...Never work with children and animals! LOL

  7. That one of your husband is HILARIOUS for sure! So calm at the moment :)

  8. Those are great! I am laughing all over from the middle child pestering her sisters. Love it to pieces!

  9. Wonderful shots! I'm loving the headless dog!


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