Week in Review and March 21st

Well, in pictures anyway. Don't ask me what I did on last Monday because I've already blocked it from my mind. My memory is pretty terrible. I can remember things that happened from a house I lived in when I was 3 (in Sunrise, Florida), but I can't remember what I did yesterday. I think most moms loose track of their days, so I'm not worried about alzheimer's just yet :) Why do you think I take so many pictures and blog in the first place?

At any rate, sometime last week, Jayce's lead therapist brought some dress up clothes from the ABA center. We have a whole tub of our own, but sometimes you want more options than just Disney princess dresses, right? Jayce has never been thrilled with the concept of dressing up (6 months ago, we got him to dress up in his first real costume for halloween though!) so we've never really bought many gender neutral or boy oriented clothes. Not only is dress up a great way to strengthen his pretend play skills, but its also good practice for him dressing and undressing himself. 

Isn't he the cutest Bob The Builder? I don't even think Jayce has even seen that show. He's more of a Playhouse Disney guy than a PBS watcher. 

Also in therapy news, we had an awesome playdate with another little boy in the same therapy program as Jayce. We've known this family for 2 years and its amazing to see the progress their little boy has made as well. 

To top it off, he has an older sister that's Jaina's age as well :)
(I normally do not allow DS game systems to accompany us to a play place that costs $10 a kid to get into, but I kinda felt stuck since the other mom had no problem with the girls playing them for a little while. I can assure you that Jaina was up and jumping around for a good 90 minutes before I took these pictures!)

Hopefully the next playdate can be at the park outside! Its getting to be SPRING!!

After playing for hours on end, we headed on over to Gray's house for a little R&R. I think she read our minds because there was a sign on her door when we got there that said:
There was quite a spread awaiting us!
And I had two kids that were definitely hungry!
After the tea party, Gray gave Jayce a little sewing lesson. He wanted to fix the hole in his jeans. 
It was such a treat getting to hang out at my mom's house for a change. We're currently working on getting her sunroom in order so the kids can have their own playroom there. I'll be sure to take pictures when I'm done!


The moment we've all been waiting for! Well, at least, the moment *I've* been waiting for. It seems as though most of you voted for the "Brian Look" that was a mixture between longish hair and a trimmed goatee. No one but me and a couple other people wanted him to shave all his hair (from his head AND his face) at the same time. 

But that's what he did!!! Now, if you don't like this look, don't despair. He'll be back to his scraggly self in about 4 weeks I bet :) "Lazy" is usually not a word to describe my husband, but when it comes to shaving and getting a haircut, you most certainly can describe him as lazy in this department. This may be his last haircut until the dog days of summer force him to buzz it again. 


(Jayce was helping wrangle my model by tickling him to get that natural smile. Thanks Jayce!)

Now Brian is ready to face the "Go Live" without his hair holding him back. Who knows? Maybe he'll even be able to program more effectively now. At least he won't be an eye sore back at work!

Love you dear :)


  1. So glad he finally shaved it! It was beginning to be an eye sore.

  2. Talk about an eyesore, doing it outside, what must the neighbors think? LOL j/k Tradition is tradition after all. :p

  3. Love the haircut...if you can call it that! ;) Great post. Great pictures. Love the one of the girls feet/DS's. That is totally something my son would do...right there in the middle of a playland. That is why I keep the DS under lock and key!

  4. What a great week of surprizes! I can't believe that Spring is finally here! Love the tea party. :)
    So, B shaved his head and face outside without a mirror??? That takes talent. I am amazed. And extremely happy that you got a surprize of the look you wanted. :)

  5. we have a home hair cutting kit- i sort of hate doing it, but my husband appreciates it :)

    my son (and daughters) would LOVE that bob the builder hat!!!


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