The new girl in school


I hate to complain, but I'm getting ready to do it anyway :)

It all started with a drippy nose. First Jayce, then me. Then it turned into a horribly stuffed up nose with lots of head congestion. Then there was fever and chills. Then there was horrible exhaustion. Then Jayce cut the back of his head on his wooden nightstand. That has nothing to do with our bad head cold, except for the fact that it happened the same weekend we were both so sick.

I'd love to say we are feeling much better. Well, Jayce may be feeling back to his old self. Its so hard to tell with him. He can tell you that his throat doesn't hurt at all and he could have strep throat for a week. Or that his ear hurts a little bit and you find out he has a raging double ear infection that put blisters on his eardrum. Let's just assume that Jayce is feeling better.

I keep hoping I'll wake up one morning and feel 100% again. Still waiting! For now my decongested congestion has settled into my chest and it now hurts to breath. I guess I should look into making an doctor's appointment. Not quite sure when I can do that, though. The last time I was sick, I had to take both kids with me to the doctor's office and we were there 3 hours. Jayce screamed for 2 of them. I swore never to take them to the doctor's office with me again. I think I'd rather live with pnuemonia :)

Anyway, despite being sick, life must go on. And on is definitely how its been rolling. My phone has rung off the hook for the past 3 days. It mainly has to do with autism stuff (therapy schedules, playdates, DDSN budget cuts, yearly assessment, insurance questions, support group topics, family connection responsibilities) but some of the time it was just plain gossip on my part. I know gossip is bad. Yet that totally doesn't stop me from speaking my mind tactfully. I try never to say something behind someone's back that I wouldn't say to their face. This allows me a lot of leeway because I'm definitely not a shy person and say a lot of things to people's faces that they may not want to hear!

Do I have a point? Absolutely not. This is mainly the pseudonephrine talking. And no, we are not running a meth lab out of our basement. For one, we don't have a basement. And secondly, they only allowed my husband to buy one packet of cold/sinus medication. I just hope I won't need more decongestant any time soon! I would hate for him to go to jail just so I can breathe!

So, anyway, I've been sick. Sick moms do not  blog. They do not take pictures. They do not clean their house. They do not cook dinners from scratch.

I have been playing a whole lot of The New Super Mario Brothers DS game on Jaina's DSi. So much, in fact, that I just beat the final castle on world 8. With a large mushroom! It was kind of cheating, I think. Oh well, my kids are in complete awe of me so it was worth it!

The medicine is not allowing me to think of any clever transitioning statements at this time, so I'm just going to jump in and say, "Jaina got her hair cut". I let her pick her style and how short she wanted.

This is before:

And this is her after:

When I pulled up in the carpool line this afternoon, I had forgotten for a moment that she had a new hairstyle and actually didn't recognize her at first as she started walking to my car! I'm not used to the bangs yet. But she loves them already!

Brian, who only loves one type of hair style (straight and long) on a girl, was not pleased with her new look. When asking her why she wanted short hair with bangs, she replied, "I wanted everyone at school to think I was a new girl!"

She cracks me up! :)


  1. I LOVE the new haircut!! She looks so much older! Wow...I can't believe she is going to be in the 3rd grade soon. Wasn't it just yesterday that she was in my class at Covenant?!?!

  2. Her hair style does make her look different so I guess she achieved what she wanted.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. what she said is SO cute! and i like her hair. Ashley keeps thinking she wants to "get" bangs. i'm undecided... i don't want to have to keep getting them cut and i wonder if they'll bug her...but they are awfully cute....oh the decisions :)
    sorry you are sick. that totally stinks!!!

  4. So sorry you have been sick, I hate those meds for stuffy heads.

    I love the new haircut, she looks adorable.

  5. Wishing you clear breathing days ahead :)
    And I think Jaina's haircut suits her well!

  6. I've got the stupid head cold too! But I only have myself to take care of, so I feel for you. Totally laughing at you beating the Mario game! I downloaded the old school Super Mario Bros. recently and all the old tricks came back to me. Feel better soon!

  7. LOL! I got limited on cold medicine before too. I feel your pain.

    This was a cute post (even if you didn't intend it to be!)

    She looks so cute with the bangs! Beautiful girl!

  8. I hope you feel better soon.

    Her new do is totally rockin'! She looks really good in it. :)

  9. Yuck on being sick! I hope you feel better soon- have you thought about trying a chiropractor? I know that mine works wonders when I get all of that crappy congestion junk.

    And I love Jaina's new haircut! It is co cute and will be nice when the hot and humid weather hits soon. As for husbands, don't they all prefer long, staight hair- I know mine does. Of course, I have short hair so apparently, I pay no heed to his tastes. ;)

  10. I love Jaina's response and her individuality. :) She's getting so grown up.

  11. Spouses are now allowed to visit the nurse practioner here at work. You're in & out in 10 minutes & get a prescription for a Z-Pack or whatever you may need to kick the crud.

  12. LOOK at your kids beautiful eyes!! I think the green banner even makes them stand out more :)
    I have been sick also, so hard to be the mommy and sick...

  13. Too cute! It makes her look a little older. Sorry you've not been feeling well. It's miserable, especially when you have other people who need taking care of.

  14. Jess, I hope you feel better. It, for lack of a better word, sucks! If there is anything I can do to help like have Jayce over to play, let me know.

  15. Oh...being sick is just the pits. Kids have don't give sick days :(

    I love her haircut!


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