Field Day 2011

Jayce finally got to participate in a field day :)

And boy was he ever proud!

The entire class wore their special tie-dyed shirts that they made a few months ago for a field trip.

I couldn't figure out why Jayce's shirt was so small... until I realized that I must have grabbed a plain white undershirt to take to school at the last minute. And since we haven't bought Jayce any new undershirts since he was 4, I am pretty sure its a Fruit of the Loom size 2-4 T that he's wearing in that picture.

Luckily, Jayce cares not about these trivial things.

He just wanted to run.

(is it awful of me to have wanted to shout, "Run, Forest, Run!" when I saw my low-muscle toned boy run across the field? My first thought was that he really needed an ABA program to help him learn how to run properly!)

Jaina, however, was a seasoned pro at this Field Day thing.

And of course, hanging out with your friends is the best part of field day!

What a great end to the school year!


  1. Bravo!

    I seriously want to tickle that tummy! hee hee

  2. Love Jayce's shirt! That's totally something I would have done.


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