"Yes, of course!"

"Sure, I can do that!"

"Well, um, I can try..."

"I can't that day, but I can totally help you the next!"


It appears that I do not like saying the word, "No."

Unless its to my kids, then I have no problem with the word "no".

"I said NO!"
"Not right now."
"Not gonna happen."
"Sorry, babe. Nope."
"Did you hear mommy say no? Cause it hasn't changed."


But for my friends and family? The answer is usually "yes" even when my heart and brain are screaming "Just say no!"

I've done it again. I've said "Yes" to too many things and my life has been crazy the past 4 months.

"Can you take a support parent case even though you are on a leave from Family Connection?"

"Can you bring dinner to a mom that you don't know well who has had a baby?"
(well, I guess so...)

"Can you help me throw a baby shower on your daughter's birthday weekend?"
(Um, let me try to schedule her birthday party for a time that doesn't conflict...)

"I know you are booked up with photography sessions, but can you squeeze in my family at 7 PM on Mother's Day?"
(How can I say no? It was the only time her whole family would be there!)

"Hi, my daycare spot suddenly disappeared and I need someone to keep my 3 month old in addition to the 5 month old you are already keeping"
(Uh... can we do a trial period?)

"Hi Jessie? This is Family Connection calling to see if you can complete your training and "come back with us" before June?"
(Um... can I let you know?)

"We'd love to have you over for a playdate! We only live 30 minutes from you and can only get together during your son's therapy time. The therapist can just come, too, right?"
(I guess so...)

I am sure there are even more that I'm not thinking of right now. But you get the picture.

Its gotten to the point that I am going to have to say "NO" in order to save my sanity.

So, wish me luck. But I'm going to learn to say "NO" to the things that I don't want to do so I can say "YES" to all the things that are important to me.

(I don't even have any recent photos of MY kids to post! That's how busy I've been!)


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Here's an idea: Go get a cheap new calendar. Place a big X on two days a week. When someone calls, you just say, "Let me check my calendar...oh, sorry, there's something on it that day." No lies, no stress. You just get some days to get done what you need to get done! (I just learned this at a Womens' conference. Haven't done it yet myself, but I thought it was a good idea!)

  2. Learning to say no has the been the greatest thing I have done not only for me but for my family. Letting go of the guilt is hard but once you do life is so much simpler!

  3. I have to learn how to say that word too! I have "no" problem saying it to my kids but that's where it ends. Especially when the kids are in school and this room mom is asking for volunteers and that room mom needs 2 dozen cupcakes, and this teacher doesn't even HAVE a room mom so guess who volunteers? No telling what will happen once Ruby's in school too! :P Good luck and let me know if you figure out how to do it without feeling guilty :)

  4. I have this problem, too. And it's not because I can't tell people "no". It's because I think I'm superwoman. And though that *may* not be far from the truth (ha-ha), the ones that suffer are those nearest and dearest. I need to take your advice on this one!


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