Ugly Doll Shirts

(all photos taken with canon powershot)

My dear daughter and son like to come up with pretty original birthday party themes. Although one year we did Barbie Mermadia, that is not the norm. No, instead we have Knuffle Bunny Parties and Pigeon Parties and Robin Parties (not Batman, Robin specifically) and Monkey parties and Nature Hunt Forest Parties.

This year Jayce had Super Mario Brothers, but I couldn't find plates or napkins or decorations in the stores. They had them online but I procrastinated and didn't get them ordered. So all he had were Mario cupcakes, thanks to CFMama and her inspiration :)

Well, Jaina's birthday is coming up. I naturally assumed she wanted a Hello Kitty party since she has loved Hello Kitty since last year. Already looked for all the stuff and found it at Target :)

But that's not what she wants. Oh, no... she wants an Ugly Doll Party.

Thankfully, there were two websites that were very helpful in coming up with ideas: Stuff and Nonsense and Bunnycakes

Just goes to show you that you can find anything on the internet!

We've invited 14 guests plus my two and I just couldn't afford to buy everyone a $7.99 keychain from The Ugly Doll Online Store.

I also despise goody bags filled with crap. You know, plastic junk that you end up just throwing away.

I thought about just doing candy but I have several friends that actually care about their children's candy intake. We don't really need to add to it.

My friend Patty helped me come up with our Ugly Doll Shirts.

These are just four designs. I tried hard to change up the color and the design on each shirt to make it original. We also have 3 different sizes to accommodate all of our guests.

This was my first time working with inkjet printer iron-on transfers and I can happily say I only screwed up one!! :)


  1. Great job on the shirts...:)

  2. I love this idea for a party! I think ugly dolls are kind of cute ;)

  3. Oh, and I've decided that LOATHE coming up with party ideas for my kids. Olivia still wants a "themed" party this year and she's turning 11. I'm so over this stage for her.


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