Jaina's 9th Birthday

While I sat on my bum and recovered from my brief hospital stay last Sunday, I watched as all my great friends took care of EVERYTHING for Jaina's party. They did set up, take down, helped kids get skates, took pictures, and beyond. I am extremely grateful for all my wonderful friends! Jaina's party was a success (except for the Ugly Doll Shirts, more on that later).

Our good friend Dodi supplied us with awesome cupcakes yet again. I'm pretty sure there's nothing this creative cakester can't do.

We brought our Ugly Dolls for table decorations, too.

Jaina received very thoughtful presents that fit her personality well. She's in Zooble heaven :)

And of course, there was some serious skating going on! I was so bummed to miss out. I love roller skating :)

So, unfortunately, the ugly doll shirts (as cute as they looked) were a huge fail. They started peeling off even before the kids got home with them. And washing them? Um, no, not recommended. My mom says you get what you pay for. Obviously on sale iron-on transfers from Walmart are not equal to the expensive ones from Michael's craft store. Oh well, lesson learned!

Thank you to everyone that made her day special! :)


  1. So cute! I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Your friend made some awesome cupcakes! I still think this is a fabulous party theme!


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