Brand New Accomplishment

Its no secret that Jayce has a some coordination issues. All you have to do is watch him play sports with other kids or run at Field Day. My baby sticks out like a sore thumb :( But never you fear... we continually tackle his motor coordination and low muscle tone with both Occupational Therapy and normal every day activities around the house.

Santa knew Jayce needed a little help and motivation, so he brought Jayce a  brand new Razor Scooter, just like his big sister received a few years ago.

His first attempts at riding left the scars of bruised knees and ripped pants.

But just a week later?

My baby big boy's got it down.

Jaina has been patient and kind teaching him how to ride, balance, and turn without falling off.

She also taught him how to "tiny tim", whatever that means.

(the date on this above picture is something new I'm trying out. Project 365 is a photography challenge that many of my friends participate in. The basic premise is simple... select one picture each day and post it somewhere to document how your year progresses. Just a warning, I'm going to fail miserably at this! But I thought I'd try to keep it up as long as possible)

Anyway, back to the scooters....

It has proven to be a great activity that the kids can enjoy together. Having siblings three years apart and different sexes can be tricky sometimes. I'm lucky that both of mine enjoy lots of activities together: legos, swinging on our playset, jumping on our trampoline, playing Wii together....

After Jayce just saw these pictures he said, "That looks like fun. Bye mom! I'm off to go ride!"



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