False Labor

This is one post I really wish I wasn't writing.

Yes, my dear blog readers, I was all set to have the baby today. Why did I think that? Well, maybe it was the contractions that I had from 1:30 PM until 10:00 PM? They might have been irregular, but they weren't going away.

Then around 10:00 PM, Brian wakes me up to ask me how my contractions were. Well, if I was sleeping, obviously they were not that bad!

But when I got up to go to the bathroom, a contraction ripped through me and held on.

I never thought it was going to end. Changing position did nothing. Then I had this horrible feeling like I was going to throw up, while I was still having this gripping contraction. It was all I could do to communicate to Brian that I needed something to throw up in. Since I was laying on my bed on all fours at the time and he did not want to wash a comforter in the middle of the night, he was pretty darn quick at getting me a bowl :)

I started having hot flashes during this contraction (that honestly felt like it was 5 minutes long!) so I took off my shirt.

Finally, the pain started to ease. Then I got freezing cold and started shaking. I had another bad contraction after that, but this one wasn't as long.

I called my doula Angie to update her and could barely talk. She told me to call my midwife.

I called my midwife and could barely talk because of the contractions. And the shaking. Now I couldn't get warm! Brian walks in and calmly says, "You should put your shirt back on, silly!"

Midwife knew I had been having off and on contractions for almost 12 hours, so she told me to go ahead and come on in. I called my mom as soon as that last contraction stopped to come over and watch the kids. She arrived at our house by 10:45 PM.

As soon as I got in the van, I felt better. So good, in fact, that a little doubt crept into my head that we should even be heading to the birth center.

By the time we got there, I had only had 3 mild contractions that were no big deal.

Then came the discouraging news.... 2 cm. Ouch. Not really effaced. Double ouch.

So, we came back home. I rolled into bed at midnight and now am up for the day.

And haven't had a single contraction in the last 30 minutes that I've been up.

So, if you could, please send me some "go into labor" vibes because false labor absolutely sucks and I'd really like it to be real!

I'll keep y'all updated....


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