My Blessingway

The Blessingway ceremony comes from Navajo tradition, but has been embraced by many communities. A Blessingway can be offered to celebrate, support and honor many life changes--healing, the beginning of menstruation, marriage, birth, life transition, even a journey or a move.

My dear friends from our local La Leche League chapter honored my upcoming labor and birth with a Blessingway. It was a beautiful celebration with my lovely friends.

Each guest had a turn in lighting a candle. These candles will be re-lit during my labor.

Amy painted the above picture and felt inspired to include a nighttime scene due to my pregnancy insomnia. It will hang in our master bedroom above the bassinet where the baby will sleep.

Angie decorated my growing belly with henna. We hope it to last, unfaded, until I give birth.

Mary and Kathy pampered me with a foot massage. It was heavenly.

While we were enjoying each others' company, each guest passed around a bound journal in which they could write a poem, letter, or draw a picture that will help me through the birthing process.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends lift me up in spirit these last few days of my pregnancy.


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