Getting Ready

I think baby is getting ready to make his/her appearance. Not only am I only 6 days away from my due date but I can also feel my body start to prepare for the upcoming birth.

So, am I ready?

For the most part, sure! Bring it on!

We've got the beautiful handmade blanket and hat courtesy of my stepmom Kim.

We've got the gender neutral turquoise and yellow flannel receiving blanket made by my friend Miranda.

Thanks to my friend Michelle, we are equipped with a gorgeous yellow, gray, and lime green bassinet.

I've got enough yellow, gray, off-white, and turquoise newborn sized clothes to last for a good week or so.

We have our names picked out :) And we actually agree!

Bags are packed. Childcare is arranged. Midwife, doula, and photographer are all waiting for my signal.

We just need a baby :)

Off to bed just in case tomorrow is the day! Coincidentally, tomorrow is the 10th. I am supposed to do my Ten on 10 photography challenge tomorrow. Its also one of our busiest days of the week. So maybe I'm *not* quite so ready....

Oh, and if you look to the right of my blog up near the top, I've added a poll option to the side bar.

Boy or girl?

What do you think?


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