Joce's Braces

Look what finally came in the other day!

I still don't understand why two pieces of plastic and some velcro cost over $1000 to manufacture. Some SMOs and AFOs are custom made to fit your child's feet and a cast is required for the mold. But these are just standard size 5s. 

As you can see, there is a lot of room for foot growth. Because they were so expensive (our insurance did pay a portion, thank goodness!), we are hoping these last 9-12 months. Actually, we are hoping she won't *need* another pair in that amount of time. The orthotics doctor assures us that he believes that she will outgrow the need.

So what does Jocelyn think of her braces?

She could care less. She is much more interested in untying her older sister's first pair of Stride Rites.

We were hoping to put treads on the bottom of the SMOs so she wouldn't have to wear shoes with them. But the company said adding treads will void the warranty.

I was hoping Jaina's old 1 year old shoes (that I saved for posterity) would fit. They are size 5.5 Wide. Jocelyn wears a 4 regular without her braces. I struggled and struggled and finally got those shoes on. And then promptly decided that she needed a new pair of shoes.

We got her a size 6 W and it works well with her braces.

We saw improvements the first day she wore them. That girl just needs a little ankle support and she is going to take off soon! More picture evidence to come :)


  1. We are heading that direction with Rex. His physical therapist has been saying he will need those soon and now we are talking about getting him fitted this summer. I have to call insurance to see what they'll cover. I am glad they are doing their job, though!

  2. Precious. And look at her learning to tie - cute!

  3. You're right - that is an insane cost for something that appears so simple! But hopefully (fingers crossed) they totally do the trick! She's pretty adorable in those little shoes!


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