Lucky 11

I think we are running out of Birthday Party ideas. Or, at least places to have these birthday parties. We've done Monkey Joe's (closed now), Pump It Up, Flying Saucers (now called Hearts of Clay), Chuck E. Cheese, Hatcher Gardens, Happy Hollow Park, Century Park in Greer, The Pavilion Ice Skating, Bowling, and every single roller skating rink our town offers.

By the time Jocelyn gets old enough to have these kinds of birthday parties, we'll be all tapped out on ideas!

For Jaina's 11th birthday, we found ourselves back at the Rollerskating Rink. This one has been renamed "Sk8trz". I get cold chills looking at this misspelling.

Jaina went with a Spongebob Theme. I'm sure you've figured that out by now :)

Excuse the crappy video... we had purchased a new digital video camera earlier that morning and I confess to not knowing how to use it whatsoever. I promise my camera shake will get better!


  1. I always hate when places spell their name wrong on purpose too. Haha! Looks like her theme choice turned out well! Right now everything over here is princess or superhero, but I'm sure their tastes will get harder to please as they get older. ;) Happy birthday to her!


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