The Mother of all Catch Up posts

ACK!! Where do I start?

So, this kid right here turned 8.

When asked what kind of birthday party he wanted, Jayce replied, "I want to eat at Applebee's and have a magician." So, that's what we did.

The next day we went to Jaina's school to see her perform in music class.

Two days later, we went to Jayce's school to watch him accept the Terrific Kid award.

I'm still watching this little ball of sunshine two days a week. Soon her little brother will be joining the crew at my house, too!

I tried to join in for the Pinspired Meme over at my friend's blog. But not having your computer for pictures kind of put a damper on it. Here's one of my outfits. Jocelyn had to sneak in there at the last minute.

Brian does not love the red pants trend that is going on right now. And he never fails to tell me how big my butt looks in red every time I wear them. Thanks, Brian :)

The other day I was inspired to take some photos in black and white, instead of taking them in color and then processing them in black and white.

Then, of course, there is baseball. There is always baseball. The good news, however, is that Jayce has gotten TWO hits!!! (This is a really big deal for my low muscle tone and low coordination kid!)

That weekend was Spring Fling, our town's annual outdoor festival. It rained cats and dogs the whole entire weekend. That did not stop Jaina.

Oh, and my best friend Farrell and her girl friend Claudia just happened to be here from Germany :)

Then the next day, we celebrated our friend's 1 year old birthday. Jocelyn was a bit antisocial and decided to just play in the bedroom by herself for most of the party.

And two days later, we attended a college graduation for our dear friend Hannah. We are so proud of you, Hannah!!

And that, my friends, is what we've been up to while our computer server has been out of commission :)

Thanks for sticking around!


  1. Busy busy! But looks like a good kind of busy. And I like your red pants! ;)


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