Back to School Bash

I love Jayce's school. They are always finding ways to bring the students, parents, teachers, and community together.

The church across the street from the school decided to host our Annual Family Fun Night. And by host, I mean pay for everything PLUS use their own church members as volunteers to work the festival.

This is huge. First of all, our school is a Title One school. That means more than 50% of our students are on free or reduced lunch. Even though rides usually only cost $5, this was a hardship on many families that have multiple children.

Also, with the church volunteers running rides and concessions, this meant that the teachers could come enjoy the festival with their families and their students.

We saw our favorite friend (now teacher) Hannah!

 I should note that Jaina is NOT taller than Hannah. She was standing on her tiptoes so she could try to be taller than Hannah. Little stinker!

We ran into Jayce's teacher this year, too! He said he enjoyed having Jayce in his class very much :)

Jocelyn's favorite part was eating a cherry sno-cone.

Jayce's favorite part was the blue sno-cone :)

Yes, I know that food dye + autism/adhd = crazy kids, but honestly, we've never seen Jayce have much of an effect on food dye. He has so little of it anyway. I know many kids that have severe reactions on the stuff. And I agree that its not healthy. But sometimes its okay to have a food dye ridden sno-cone :)


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