Who needs actions or presets? I've got scripts!

 If you don't care much about photography, this post is going to be completely pointless to you. Sorry about that!

When I first got into photography, I did the least amount possible of editing that I could get away with doing. I tried my best to expose my images properly and get the white balance correct in camera. I still try to do these things, but I've had to increase my knowledge of editing substantially.

Everything I've learned has been from the internet. Google and You Tube have saved my images more times that I can count. Its taught me how to fix blemishes, tone down red splotchy skin, get rid of newborn jaundice color, correct green color casts, and purple fringing. I've also learned how to get rid of distracting objects in back grounds and also how to swap faces on unsmiling kids.

But I've never once used editing to enhance my look of a photo. Oh, believe me, I've wanted to. If I had a computer or laptop that supported Photoshop or Lightroom, I would have already spent money on Totally Rad Actions or Kubota Actions. Or downloaded some of the Pioneer Woman's presets.

I use GIMP. It stands for Gnu Image Manipulation Program. Just by knowing that, you can tell I have a geek for a husband. A geek that hates Windows, Microsoft, Mac, IBM, and anything Apple. Our computers run on Linux. And you know what? We never get viruses and they never crash.

So far, I haven't found anything that GIMP can't do that Photoshop can. I am sure something is out there, but with my limited knowledge of editing, what I use works for me.

I have slowly started exploring the vast world of GIMP Scripts. They're like actions or presets. You just push a button and instantly your image takes on a different look. Want to see?

Straight Out of the Camera:

And here's what it looks like with four different scripts:

All scripts were downloaded from this site.


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