Family Portrait Traditions

We had our family portrait session today with a Greenville Photographer named Andrea. As much as we love our Jeslyn Lanier, we totally understand her need to take the entire Fall season off. Having a baby is way more important that satisfying your client's need for Fall pictures. Right? Well, that's what I told myself to make it seem better. Jeslyn's baby is adorable, too! Plus, change is good, right?

I think things went well. Its always so hard to tell when you are in the moment, you know?

These were our outfits for this season. Can we say "Color"?

We chose Converse College as our location setting this year. I'm a Connie :)

Afterwards, we kept tradition by hitting up Krispy Kreme :)


  1. Yum. Love Krispy Kreme!

  2. I love that pic of brian and joce...he's so I love with her.


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