Why my life is completely over scheduled right now

It all started back in July when Jaina asked me if she could quit piano.

She had her reasons:
-"I hate practicing."
-"I never like the songs in the book."
-"I already know how to read music."
-"No fair! Jayce gets to move up to 45 minute lessons and he's better than me!"

Before I told her yes or no, I surveyed my best friends about the topic. They were evenly divided.

"I hated piano and I couldn't wait to quit!"
"I quit piano and regretted it my whole life!"

Some things in life you HAVE to do, even if you don't want to. And some good life advice would be to suck it up and do your best, even if you don't like it.

But I didn't feel like piano was something she had to do. I wanted her to enjoy it. I wanted her to fall in love with it. She didn't. I had to respect that.

Besides, she's right... one of my requirements was that she learn to read music. This will help her in chorus or learn any other instrument. I do hope she'll want to pick up another instrument later on.

I wouldn't say Jayce loves playing the piano, but he's quite good at it and he practices faithfully every day. Sometimes even with Jocelyn's help :)

So, how did this lead us to getting over scheduled?

Well... our rule has always been that the kids can play ONE sport and take lessons for ONE instrument at a time. That's it.  For years its been Piano and Soccer every Fall and Spring. With a little basketball and cheer leading and baseball thrown in, but never the same time as soccer.

When Jaina quit piano, she asked if she could take tumbling classes. Since they were only once a week and actually cheaper than piano lessons, I said "sure, why not?"

Then I went to sign Jayce up for baseball. I discovered that his baseball athletic organization also had cheer leading for football. And that it went up to age 12, so Jaina could sign up, too! Jaina has been dying to cheer again ever since camp this Summer. So we signed her up! Tumbling and cheer for Jaina; baseball and piano for Jayce :)

Easy peasy, right?

Not quite...

See, Jaina was fine not playing soccer this Fall. She was kinda done after last Spring with AYSO. Yet all of her friends were going to be on the same team and they were going to have two of the best coaches in Upward coaching them this year. And this is Jaina's absolute last time she'd be allowed to play Fall Soccer because of her age and grade. She's been playing with these girls since 1st grade at the same church.

So, against my better judgement, I said she could play.

That's soccer, football cheerleading, and tumbling classes for Jaina. I rationalized it by saying, "Well, its only ONE season. We can do anything for 8-10 weeks."

Then Jayce brings home the permission slip for International Choir.

They only practice during school and only have a few performances during the school year, so I was totally fine with him being in it again. Besides, its an honor to be picked. This is his second year. Jaina was in it for 2 years as well. I sure hope Jocelyn can sing when she's in 2nd grade as well :)

Next Jaina brings home a packet of information on BETA club. Her grades were finally good enough last year to be asked to join. They only meet every 2 weeks for a couple hours after school, so whatever.

Then Jayce brings home a yellow piece of paper. "Mom! I got asked to be in Dance Club!"

Oh, jeez.

Jaina was in Dance Club briefly in 2nd grade. She didn't like it and ended up quitting after a few meetings. Since I hated picking her up at a different time from Jayce, I was totally okay with that.

Sigh. Jayce really wants to be in Dance Club. Fine. Whatever. I sign the form. They meet every Wednesday afterschool. There just went the ONE day that I don't have anything scheduled.

And here's the kicker....

"Your child has been selected to participate in the District 2 Honor Chorus" is the paper that came home today in Jayce's blue folder.

You've got to be kidding me.

A normal mom would just say NO at this point. But I can't. This is a BIG deal. Only a handful of students at each elementary school (there are like 7 elementary schools in the entire district) are selected. I didn't even know there was an Honor Chorus because my kids have never been asked to be in it before. When I found out, I was kinda hurt that Jaina wasn't picked from her school, but her friend Aaliyah was.

And when does Honor Chorus meet? Oh, just once a week after school. Right at the same time as piano lessons.

When the heck are my kids going to do their homework?

 Yeah. In the car. On the way to all these damn activities.

And please don't think I've forgotten about poor Jocelyn. Oh, no. She has her own set of scheduled activities on the calendar.

Like Story Time.

She also FINALLY qualified for Early Intervention and Physical Therapy! EI will be every Monday morning. PT, for now, has been scheduled the same day that Jayce has Honor Chorus practice, Piano lessons, and usually a baseball game or practice. Oh, and her PT starts at the same time I'm supposed to be in car line picking Jayce up from school.

Add in my babysitting kids, Toddler H and her 3 month old brother Baby H, plus my nursery kids on Sunday, and you just got a glimpse of my life.

And I have 17 Fall Photo Sessions scheduled this season.

Calgon, take me away. Now.


  1. Holy mess. I was tired READING that. I took piano lessons until high school. I started to hate it and my parents were sick of hearing me whine so they let me quit.

  2. Holy cow, girlfriend! I can't even imagine that schedule for one day. We also do one activity at a time and we are pretty good at sticking to it. Since I work outside the home, I can't be gone at night unless we are going to hire out all household chores, including the laundry! HA HA! Kamree is begging to join Brownies and I keep saying NO!

  3. oh jess! no wonder you've been stretched thing... you need to find someone who can drive and wants to make some money and have them help out with all that driving. know any high schoolers with a license that you trust? (and yes, you can make it through the semester...and then reevaluate during the winter break) :)


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