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Its been ages since I've made time for a proper blog post. It might have something to do with my free time being sucked up by my desire to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies back-to-back while Jocelyn naps. Jayce wanted me to try watching all 8 in one sitting... but I think that would take something ridiculous like 23 and a half hours or something. I joked that not one of my children (or Brian) could let me watch 23 hours of anything uninterrupted.

So, why am I watching all the Harry Potter movies? I have no good answer. I just know that Sept 14th begins my crazy Fall Portrait schedule and soon all of my free time will be spent editing photos upstairs on my computer. I already have 17 sessions plus a wedding booked! So, for now... I veg in front of a TV for two hours a day M-Thur and immerse myself in the Magical World of Harry Potter.

Not too much news to report from my clan. Brian is gearing up to run for School Board in District 2 again. Jayce loves 3rd grade. Jaina enjoys middle school way more than Intermediate school. Jocelyn took THREE whole steps the other day! (She still has another Babynet eval coming up, though).

We're starting the Fall season on a positive note :)


  1. oh yay for a full and fun fall! and yay for the baby steps! that is exciting!!

  2. she's not a little baby anymore...full on toddlerhood! she's just so beautiful....

  3. she's so beautiful! not a baby anymore...full on toddlerhood!

  4. That's awesome you have so many sessions booked! And yay baby Jocelyn on those steps! :)

  5. I love that you are getting some relaxing time in : ). I know what you mean about fall being busy! I had a wedding last night, 2 sessions today and 2 sessions tomorrow. I always tell my husband in the fall that I am so exhausted by the time the weekend is over, I can't handle working all week. The life of a photographer, right? : ) I hope you have a wonderful season.


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