Grandpa Trains

Since we are not spending Thanksgiving Day with our extended family, I decided to take the kids down to Tucker the weekend before. The only problem with this plan was our crazy busy schedule in Spartanburg that weekend. Jayce had social group, Jaina had a cheerleading banquet, and our whole entire family was invited to celebrate my friend Amy's birthday. Oh, and Jayce had his Winter Piano recital the next day, too.

In true Walker fashion, we said, "yes" to everything and squeezed it all in :)

(Most pics from crazy weekend are on my phone so they'll have to be dumped later)

We might have only spent 24 hours in Tucker, but we still had fun :)

Jocelyn would pick up a train, turn around and look at Grandpa sitting in his recliner and say, "Grandpa... trains?"

And even though his 69 year old double knee replacement foot/ankle reconstruction body doesn't enjoy being on the hardwood floor, sometimes you have to make a toddler happy :)

Aunt Jami came over with her dog, Buddy. 

Aunt Jami took the big kids to Fernbank Science Museum. And we all watched the movie Epic while eating pizza.

Trains, science, movies and pizza. Not bad for 24 hours :)


  1. Too sweet. ♥ floor time ♥

  2. Aw...such sweet pics! :) Hope y'all's thanksgiving was great!

  3. What a wonderful time you all had! It sounds epic and marvelous. Hope Thanksgiving was restful and less chaotic for you. :)

  4. what sweet pictures! it looks and sounds like such a fun and wonderful time!! :)


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