Our Neighbor's Tree

If you want to see beautiful Fall color around here, you have to go somewhere other than our back yard.

See, Brian doesn't like trees. (I know, the inner tree hugging hippie in me is gasping right along with you). He doesn't like to mow around them. He doesn't like how close their dangerous branches get to the house. He doesn't like raking leaves or gumballs from the sweet gum tree. He hates pollen (well, who doesn't?). He hates the smell of Bradford Pear trees, too. (I can't blame him on that one, either!)

Thankfully, though, we only have to go next door to our neighbor's house to enjoy her trees :)

While Jaina had no problem plopping down in Mary Anne's yard, Jayce refused to go over our property line. He didn't want to get in trouble. I tried to explain that Mary Anne wouldn't mind if we used her yard, in fact, she'd probably smile when we told her, but he wouldn't budge.

And Jocelyn promptly got up and started walking ALL over Mary Anne's yard. I could barely keep up with her!

She was so stinkin' pleased with herself :)

No picture of the three of them together, though. I actually took all three of their pictures at separate times of the day!


  1. Such cute pictures! I love that Jocelyn got up and walked all over the yard as if to prove your words true. Seriously, so cute!

  2. Pretty fall colors! Love the pictures as always.

  3. such gorgeous fall pictures! those ones of Jocelyn are so stinking cute!!


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