Let's just chalk it up to being busy

I'm going to look back on the Fall of 2013 and wonder where all the pictures of my kids are.

Using my "big" camera for work every weekend makes me not want to get it out during the week. Its become heavy and cumbersome. I have to check to make sure I'm not using a compact flash card that has a client session on it by accident. I worry about wasting precious battery life since I think all 4 of my batteries are going at the same time.

But I got a new lens the other day and had to try it out on my only willing model before using it during a session.

Bottom line?

I'm in love with both the baby and the lens.

We've been enjoying the beautiful Fall temperatures, although none of us liked the below freezing cold snap we got on Tuesday.

I am desperately combing through every clothing store we frequent (Walmart, Target, Old Navy) for a Minnie or Mickey Mouse winter hat for Little Miss. I think that might be the only way we'd get one on her this Winter at all.

No news to report on the big kids as of late. I just remembered that I never did post their Halloween Costumes from Trick or Treating on the blog (nor emailed Monica her copies of the pictures). I already feel like Halloween was months ago!

We are all decorated for Thanksgiving here. I love buying stuff 50% off the day after a holiday, then putting it away until next year so I forget what I bought. I found a beautiful wooden turkey plaque that says, "Give Thanks" at Great Wolf Lodge and added it to my paltry Thanksgiving decoration collection.

Jocelyn still takes her big sister's pumpkin basket around going, "Trick treat? Candy?" even though we've told her that Halloween is over and its time for Turkey and Gobble Gobble and all that jazz. She already knows how to say "Christmas" and can point out a Christmas tree a mile away. I have a feeling she'd be fine skipping Thanksgiving this year. I would, too. It will be my 35th birthday on our nation's made up holiday this year. Don't get me started on how I feel about my birthday sharing my least favorite holiday. :) Or the fact that I am going to be 35.

So, we'll just keep trucking along and trying to keep it together for the next few weeks until Mommy can just be a mommy on the weekends and not a part time photographer. We're looking forward to a fun filled week at "Mickey Mouse's House Castle" as Jocelyn has come to think of Disney World. 


  1. such cute pictures!! i can totally relate on getting the big camera out...but these are lovely shots!!

  2. You always take such beautiful pictures! Gorgeous!


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