Trunk or Treat

We have had some crazy times at the Trunk or Treat in years' past. I'm happy to say that we had good weather, no one was sick, and no one had a tantrum this year :)

Jayce saw his buddy Lou there :)

And we had a Minnie Mouse (minus the ears).

And here is my Minecraft Creeper with his own personal box head holder. Thank goodness for Grandmas!

Jaina was too embarrassed to wear her costume, so she dug up this old thing I wore 12 years ago.

I loved that Jocelyn had to carry her Mickey and Minnie with her all night.

And look at who decided to just get up and walk?

Jaina and Jayce absolutely love playing Bingo at this church. Jocelyn decided to crash their game.

Love to Grandma!

There were sno cones...

And skittles...

Oh, wait. That's Jaina's friend Sarah.

And a hayride on a tractor!

And a goofy Captain Kirk. I don't know who beamed that guy here.


  1. Omg Hi Brian. Thanks for scaring us there at the end!

    Jessie, the rainbow sunspot is just wow.


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