Halloween 2013

Our first stop on our Halloween Night was at Aunt Monica's house. She has moved into a new neighborhood that isn't filled up enough yet to get many trick or treaters.

Jocelyn had started taking independent steps more often the day before so she got to actually walk up to Monica's door to knock and say, "Trick Treat!"

Then we were invited inside so Jocelyn could open her Reece's Pieces and eat her "candy, yum!"

Jayce and Jud had interesting conversations on the back porch while Jayce tested out the hammock.

When did my oldest daughter get so tall?

Grandma came with us to get a tour of Monica's new house :)

I'm totally making a note about how beautiful Monica's trees were in her back yard so I can  borrow her yard for future Fall seasons :)

Then we headed over to Jordan and Hayden's house. Again, we let Jocelyn walk up to the door and do her thing. And again, we were invited inside. This would prove confusing to her later on in the evening when we couldn't go inside every house :)

We love trick or treating in our old neighborhood! Although it was a bit sad to me that only a handful of neighbors are still there that we know.

Then it was back home to our house to go out again with Daddy. No pictures of costumes since it was so dark, but here are our pumpkins:

Jaina carved Jayce's Minecraft Creeper pumpkin for him because the rind was so hard!

I carved Jocelyn's Mickey Mouse pumpkin and watched in horror as his entire face fell in from the pressure of the carving. I had to rig his face back in with toothpicks. I wanted to cry.

And our "most successful" award goes to Brian on Jaina's pumpkin of our dog, Shaggy:

We had a great Halloween :)


  1. Looks like fun. And awesome pumpkins!

  2. It looks like you had a great Halloween! Cute pictures!


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