Mickey and Minnie: How the obsession began

It all started with a simple iphone app.

Fisher Price has a free App called "Rock Star Mickey" that I believe goes along with one of their toys titled the same. My mom just happened to download it for free when she was searching for new Fisher Price apps for her phone. This is how she keeps Jocelyn occupied for me at numerous doctor's appointments and baseball games :)

Soon, Jocelyn stopped asking to play with any other app on her phone. It was all about the "Mick Mouse!" on the iphone.

She had never even seen a single episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or any of the old cartoons on the Disney Channel. She didn't even know who Mickey Mouse was, except that he wore sunglasses and played a guitar on grandma's phone.

Soon afterwards, our family was completing our weekly grocery shopping at Walmart and I just happened to glance at their toy aisle in search of a Mickey Mouse doll for $5. They didn't have one, but they had a Minnie Mouse. We bought it.

And Jocelyn could have cared less about it.

But then Grandma found Mickey at Dollar General and brought it over to our house one day. Jocelyn exclaimed, "MICK MOUSE!" and gave it a hug and a kiss. Then promptly went over to her discarded Minnie Mouse so the couple could be together.

Now she has to have Mickey and Minnie everywhere she goes. And they have to stay together. She even puts them in the doll stroller and says, "My babies!"

My mom also found some Minnie Mouse PJs for her for $6. She literally wears them almost every night. Anytime I wash a load of clothes or towels, I put them in so they'll be clean.

She also has a Mickey Mouse bib that was a party favor from our friend Evan's first birthday. There was a period over about a week that she refused to take the bib off. Seriously. (I have camera phone pics, but none with my big camera).

We have this Christmas movie that both big kids LOVE. Its probably our family's favorite Christmas movie of all time. "MIckey's Twice Upon a Christmas" is something we've watched for 9 years. Jayce put the movie on for Jocelyn and her obsession was born. "Mouse Chris! Mouse Chris!" she says when she wants you to put the movie on. She talks about the movie frequently, too. "Minnie Mouse fall. Down. Minnie sad. Quack Quack Donald Duck silly! Pluto? Arf arf!"

So, we've got the Minnie Mouse PJs, a bib, the dolls, the movies, the shows, a shirt, a halloween costume, shoes that Jocelyn believes are "pretty minnie mouse shoes!" since they have red and black bows on them, and brand new socks that grandma bought yesterday that almost went into the bathtub with Jocelyn since she refused to take them off. (I had to convince her that they needed to be cleaned in the clothes washer instead).

Obsessed much?

That's okay. She still likes Dora, and Blue's Clues, and Sesame Street. She's pretty well rounded when it comes to shows and toys and books and characters.

But we are secretly glad she loves her Mickey and Minnie so much because it will make our Disney Trip that much more exciting for her :)


  1. super cute! we are big fans of mickey mouse in our house too!! :) can't wait to see pictures from your Disney trip!!

  2. Too cute! I bet she will LOVE Disney! :)

  3. Too cute! I bet she will LOVE Disney! :)

  4. Oh, that is seriously SO cute!!


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