22 Months

um. Let's just pretend that I wrote this post on November 26th. And that I'm not 4 weeks behind on blogging. Or that I just took her 23 month pictures about 4 hours ago. Or that she'll be celebrating her 2nd birthday in exactly one month. Let's just pretend that none of that is true.

Cause  that would mean that I'm a slacker mom who is about to have a 2 year old and not a baby anymore.

Oh, wait.

Okay, let's just celebrate how stinkin' cute my then 22 month old was.

The month of November was a good one for Jocelyn.

She continued to practice her walking skills. This time, with a cookie in hand. Her love for cookies and all things Cookie Monster was a yummy phase. I love cookies, too, so I could hardly blame her for asking for them.

In PT, she continued to work on walking. You would think that once she took her first steps, she'd be all done with therapy. But nope. Now she's got to learn how to walk around and over obstacles. How to walk on uneven surfaces. Up inclines. Back down again. Her big goal is to master stair climbing. She's still has a lot of work to do on building her muscles.

As you can see, she still holds her hands up for balance as she toddles around. I think its super cute. I know she won't do this for much longer. One day she will be able to walk with her hands by her sides.

What she does not physically accomplish, she makes up with in speech. That girl can talk! And boy does she have an opinion. "NO! MOMMY DO THAT! JAYCE STOP! NO, JAINA! GO TO WORK DADDY!" is pretty much what she says all the time. Oh, and she's got the whole possession thing down. "That's Jaina's. Here ya go, Jayce! That's Mommy's phone. NO! THAT's MINES! JOCELYN'S!!!" The "mines" part kills me every time. Even when she's screaming no at me.

She will randomly decide that she wants to hug and kiss someone. But it has to be on her terms. Jocelyn will repeat the words, "I love you" but doesn't say them spontaneously yet. She tells me every day that she loves me in other ways. Like when she looks at Brian and says, "No! Mommy's baby!" as she pats her chest.

Jocelyn loves to play with her 15 stuffed animals but has little interest in dolls. She feeds her Cookie Monster play plastic cookies and strolls her Mickey and Minnie dolls in the stroller. She gives them hugs and kisses and tells them "night night" when they go to bed.

In order to go to sleep, she must have the following:
-Cookie Monster
-Pink Minnie Mouse
-Red Minnie Mouse
-Singing Minnie Mouse
-Talking Minnie Mouse
-Little Mickey Mouse
-Big Mickey Mouse
-Santa Mickey Mouse
-Snoopy with Black ears
-Snoopy with Pink Ears
-both Monkeys
-Blue Puppy from Blues Clues

Yep, that's 15. Since she sleeps in a mini crib, not even a full sized crib, there is hardly even room for her. But she does not want to sleep in her toddler bed, she says. "No! Crib!" is her answer when I ask her. Whatever.

My favorite words that come out of her mouth are "Cuddle mommy couch?" That is something I love to do :)


  1. That is a list and I hope you've gotten a photo of her with all of them. My kids were not like this, hated their crib and attached themselves to blankets.


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