Christmas 2013

Christmas came and went in a huge hurry and flurry. But we managed to take the actual day of Christmas to rest, play with toys, stay in our PJs, and just enjoy family. And way too much food, but that's a story for another time.

In our house, Santa brings 3 presents and Mommy and Daddy put one under the tree. Here's what the kids got:


hair straightener
ihome and ipod case
spongebob imaginext playset
Brighton charm bracelet (from us)

(opening Christmas PJs from P.S. on Christmas Eve)

She also received two monogrammed scarves, one from Aunt Monica and one from Aunt Jami. We all got a huge laugh when she showed us the monogram upside down and wanted to know who CMB was. :)

Thank goodness she asked for at least ONE toy on her Christmas list. I'm not ready for a pre-teen that only wants electronics and make-up and clothes.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
Science kit
Special Edition Zelda 3DS (from us)

Opening pjs on Christmas Eve

At this point, Jocelyn had been asleep in her crib during all this ruckus. As much as I wanted us all to open presents together, I wasn't about to wake a grumpy sleepy baby. She's a mess in the morning if she doesn't wake up on her own accord.

She finally joined us and the first thing she saw was her Cozy Coupe.


Big Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal
Mickey's Fly and Slide Clubhouse
Little People Klip Klop Stable
Cozy Coupe (from us)

Opening PJs the night before:


She managed to stuff that Big Mickey in that little car with her. I barely got any pictures of her in Christmas pajamas because she had to immediately put on the MInnie Mouse shirt my mom gave her for Christmas.

The Klip Klop stable was a huge hit, too.

She loved her Mickey Clubhouse, too, but had a hard time opening the chute and door for them to slide down. I think she'll have the strength to do it on her own soon.

As per tradition, Gray came and stayed with us.

We got my mom a new toaster oven since hers conveniently died the week before Christmas. She was going to get a vacuum cleaner, but silly Grandma went out and bought one herself before we could!

This is the second year we made Christmas Tree pancakes. Thanks pinterest!

I then proceeded to make a HUGE Christmas Day lunch. Roasted turkey breast, veggies, homemade mac n' cheese, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy.

And it was just us. Brian, me, my mom, and three picky kids. As Brian was boxing up 75% of the food that was leftover, he made the statement that next year we "would just go to Cracker Barrel instead". I'm holding him to that! 

Overall, it was a great Christmas :) 

Now to go put all our stuff away....


  1. looks like such a wonderful christmas! loved looking at all of the pictures of your kids enjoying the holiday!!

  2. Those Christmas tree pancakes are awesome! Great pictures. Yes, my son is 11 and basically just wants electronics and video games. We got him some toys and he hasn't even opened them!

  3. So sweet. Looks like they had such an amazing Christmas!


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