23 Months

Jocelyn turned 23 months the day after Christmas.

I don't know if it was the presents or the candy or the hyped up excitement of the holidays, but  I could not get her to look at my camera at all. She was WAY too busy with her leaves.

"Hey Jocelyn!! Look at Mommy!! Mommy's got a leaf on her head! Isn't that funny?"

She had other plans for her leaf. And no, she did not think mommy was funny.

Her PT remarked yesterday during session, "Oh my... she's getting fast on those feet."

Um, yes. Yes, she is.

I had to run fast to get ahead of her with my camera.

I finally cornered her at the garage and engaged her in a conversation about side walk chalk.


Nothing much new is going on since her 22 month post. We are just winding down from Christmas and gearing up towards her birthday.

So far, she wants a Snoopy Cake and to have her party at McDonald's. She is nothing if not opinionated.

But she can tell me "no!" all day as long as she stays that cute :)


  1. she is so cute and looking so big!! love all of the pics of her!!


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